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Free shipping on purchases of $49 or more.

Passy-Muir™ PMV™ Speaking Valve, 15mm ID/22mm OD, Aqua

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The PMV 007 Tracheostomy & Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve (15mm I.D., 22mm O.D.) is designed to be connected to standard tracheostomy tubes and ventilators. This valve is aqua in color and can be used on or off the ventilator. Connected to an in-line suction system through a PMV AD1522 or other 15mm x 22mm step-down adapter, the PMV 007 facilitates communication and swallowing while restoring natural positive airway pressure, improving oxygenation, and expediting ventilator weaning and decannulation. It is latex free and made in the USA. Not compatible with Secure-It or PMA 2000 Oxygen Adapter.