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Free shipping on purchases of $49 or more.

Drive Medical Oxygen Regulator Click Style 0 - 15 LPM

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Connection Type: CGA-540
Packaging: Each

Experience the exceptional Drive Oxygen Regulator Click Style! This dynamic regulator boasts a safeguarding contents gauge and a built-in suction relief valve for ultimate safety. Enjoy effortless control with its single selector knob. Its lightweight and tough build will withstand various conditions. Surpassing ASTM, American National, and CGA accuracy standards, this regulator has an inlet pressure range of 300 - 3,000 PSI and an outlet pressure of 50 PSI. UL Approved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What safety features does the Drive Oxygen Regulator Click Style offer, and how do they contribute to user confidence?

The regulator features a safeguarding contents gauge and a built-in suction relief valve, providing ultimate safety and contributing to user confidence during oxygen use.

2) How user-friendly is the Drive Oxygen Regulator, and what makes its control mechanism effortless for users?

The regulator offers effortless control with a single selector knob, ensuring user-friendly operation and ease of adjustment during oxygen therapy.

3) Is the Drive Oxygen Regulator durable, and how does its lightweight and tough build contribute to its longevity?

The regulator is built with a lightweight yet tough construction, ensuring durability and the ability to withstand various conditions, adding to its longevity. Additionally, it meets UL Approval standards for quality and safety.