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Mini Oxygen Regulator Click Style 0 - 15 LPM

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Connection Type: CGA-870
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Experience the convenience and reliability of the Mini Oxygen Regulator Click Style 0 - 15 LPM. This compact and lightweight regulator features an easy-to-read gauge and adjustable flow rate for ultimate control. Made with durable brass, it's compatible with standard oxygen tanks and can be operated with just one hand. Plus, the included safety pressure relief valve ensures your peace of mind. Perfect for both home and travel use, this regulator is a must-have for anyone who values quality and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the flow rate range of the Mini Oxygen Regulator Click Style, and how does its adjustable feature contribute to user control?

The regulator has a flow rate range of 0 - 15 LPM with adjustable settings, providing users with ultimate control over the oxygen flow rate for their specific needs.

2) How user-friendly is the Mini Oxygen Regulator, and what features make it convenient for one-handed operation?

The compact and lightweight design, coupled with adjustable flow rate settings, allows for one-handed operation, offering users convenience and ease of use.

3) What safety features are included in the Mini Oxygen Regulator, and how does the pressure relief valve ensure peace of mind for users?

The regulator includes a safety pressure relief valve, providing an additional layer of safety and ensuring peace of mind for users during oxygen therapy. This feature safeguards against potential pressure build-up for enhanced safety.