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Free shipping on purchases of $49 or more.

Soothe & Cool Moisture Barrier Ointments

by Medline
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Volume: 2 oz.
Packaging: Each

Trust the enhanced formula of Soothe & Cool Moisture Barrier Ointment with vitamins A, D, and E plus aloe to protect your skin and nourish it at the same time! Recommended when skin is exposed to potential risks but not yet compromised. Formulated to provide maximum protection and nourishment to your skin, Soothe & Cool Ointment is the perfect solution when you need extra defense. Boost your skin's resistance with the power of vitamins and aloe!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why choose Soothe & Cool Ointment for extra defense?

It's the perfect solution for those seeking extra defense, thanks to its enhanced formula with vitamins and aloe for added skin support.

2) When is it recommended to use Soothe & Cool Ointment?

It is recommended when the skin is exposed to potential risks but has not yet been compromised, offering a proactive defense.

3) How does this ointment provide maximum protection and nourishment?

Formulated for both protection and nourishment, it combines vitamins and aloe to boost the skin's resistance, ensuring optimal care.