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Sensi-care Protective Skin Barriers

by Medline
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Volume: 4 oz.
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Provide comfort and relief to delicate skin suffering from urine burns, diaper rash, feces, and other irritants with the Sensi-care Protective Skin Barriers. Non-sensitizing and fragrance-free, these barriers help seal out irritation and soothe redness and soreness. Experience the power of protection with Sensi-care Protective Skin Barriers. Relief is just a few simple steps away, and you'll be soothed by the calming effects that help restore skin's natural balance. Experience the comfort of long-lasting protection today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What issues does Sensi-care Protective Skin Barrier address for delicate skin?

It provides comfort and relief for skin affected by urine burns, diaper rash, feces, and other irritants, sealing out irritation and soothing redness.

2) How do these barriers work to soothe redness and soreness?

They help seal out irritation, offering relief and calming effects that aid in restoring the skin's natural balance.

3) Is the protection provided by Sensi-care Skin Barriers long-lasting?

Users can experience the comfort of long-lasting protection, ensuring sustained relief from skin irritations.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best barrier cream I’ve used and I’ve tried just about all. We used on our son and has been one of the only things that stayed and helped.