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Free Shipping on Orders over $35

Sensi-Care Moisturizing Body Creams

by Medline
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$63.75 - $63.75
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Volume: 3 Oz
Packaging: Case of 24
Sensi-Care Moisturizing Body Cream defends against chafing, dryness, and splitting for long-lasting comfort and protection. Clinically tested to minimize the risk of irritation, free of dyes and fragrances, and safe for all ages. Tested to be CHG compatible. This clinically-tested cream offers long-term relief so you can be at your best every day. Forget about chafing, dryness, and splitting; Sensi-Care Moisturizing Body Cream will restore your skin's natural balance and keep it healthy, strong, and protected. Enjoy an irritation-free experience with no added dyes or fragrances – perfect for all ages.