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McKesson Wound Packing Strip Iodoform

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Dimensions: 1/4 Inch x 5 Yard
Packaging: Bottle

Discover the amazing power of McKesson Wound Packing Strip Iodoform! Our 5% w/w strips offer a unique antiseptic feature, perfect for nasal and dental packing, as well as open or infected wounds. The patent-pending easy dispensing packaging makes it convenient for caregivers, while the 100% cotton, ravel-resistant gauze ensures minimal linting or fraying. Trust our sterile strips for superior wound care - don't settle for anything less than McKesson.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the active ingredient in McKesson Wound Packing Strip Iodoform, and what makes it suitable for various applications?

The strips contain 5% w/w Iodoform, providing a unique antiseptic feature ideal for nasal and dental packing, as well as open or infected wounds.

2) How does the easy dispensing packaging of McKesson Wound Iodoform benefit caregivers and users?

The easy-dispensing packaging is designed to be convenient for caregivers, allowing for efficient and hassle-free application during wound care.

3) What material is used in the McKesson Wound Packing Strip, and how does it address concerns of linting or fraying?

The strips are made of 100% cotton, ravel-resistant gauze, ensuring minimal linting or fraying during application and contributing to a cleaner wound care experience.

4) Why should users trust McKesson Wound Packing Strip for superior wound care, and what is the company's commitment to quality?

Users can trust McKesson for superior wound care, as the sterile strips are crafted with a unique antiseptic feature and 100% cotton, demonstrating the company's commitment to quality and effective wound management.