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Free Shipping on Orders over $35

McKesson Standard Hypodermic Syringe with Needle

Original price $22.98 - Original price $26.98
Original price
$22.98 - $26.98
Current price $22.98
Gauge: 20
Volume: 3 mL
Packaging: Box of 100

Experience an ultra-sharp yet gentle injection with McKesson's Standard Hypodermic Syringe with Needle! This thin-walled 1-inch, 0.5 graduation device features a transparent barrel with graduations for precise dosing, a secure backstop, a double seal stopper to reduce leakage, plus large, stable finger grips. Its bold, precise scale markings and premium tri-beveled stainless steel thin wall needle with silicone coating ensure an enjoyable, comfortable injection. Non-toxic and non-pyrogenic single-use only. Inject with confidence!

P.S. Only the 10 mL 20 Gauge Syringe has an Ultra Thin Wall with 1 mL increments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the "20 Gauge" in the McKesson Standard Hypodermic Syringe?

The "20 Gauge" in the product description refers to the diameter of the needle. Understanding the gauge is crucial, as a lower gauge indicates a thicker needle. In this case, a 20-gauge needle suggests a relatively thicker needle.

2) What features make McKesson's Standard Hypodermic Syringe suitable for precise dosing and comfortable injections?

This syringe has several features contributing to its suitability for precise dosing and comfort during injections. These include a transparent barrel with graduations for accurate dosing, a secure backstop, a double seal stopper to reduce leakage, and large stable finger grips for ease of use.

3) How does the silicone coating on the tri-beveled stainless steel contribute to the overall injection experience?

The silicone coating on the needle enhances the injection experience by providing a smooth and gentle insertion. This feature aims to reduce discomfort during the injection process.