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McKesson Baby Oil - Scented Oil

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Volume: 4 oz.
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McKesson Baby Oil is a nourishing and gentle product that uses mineral oil to protect and lock in moisture for silky smooth skin. This light-scented oil helps soothe and relieve dryness, creating a soft and silky barrier to prevent moisture loss. It can be used during massages and applied on wet and dry skin. The ingredients include mineral oil and fragrance, and the product is free from natural rubber latex. Give your skin the care and hydration it deserves with McKesson Baby Oil!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the primary ingredient in McKesson Baby Oil?

The main ingredient in McKesson Baby Oil is mineral oil, known for its nourishing properties that protect and lock in moisture.

2) How does McKesson Baby Oil help with dryness?

McKesson Baby Oil helps soothe and relieve dryness by creating a soft and silky barrier that prevents moisture loss, leaving the skin feeling smooth.

3) Can McKesson Baby Oil be used for massages?

Yes, McKesson Baby Oil is suitable for massages, providing a light-scented and nourishing experience for the skin.

4) Does McKesson Baby Oil contain natural rubber latex?

No, McKesson Baby Oil is free from natural rubber latex, ensuring it is safe for use and suitable for individuals with latex sensitivities.