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Free shipping on purchases of $49 or more.

AeroChamber Plus Z Stat with ComfortSeal Mask, Large

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MonoghanAerochamber Plus Z STAT Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber With Large ComfortSeal Mask (80710z)

Monaghan Aerochamber Plus Z STAT Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber helps improve the delivery of medications from Metered-Dose Inhaler (MDI) canisters. It reduces the coordination required between canister activation and inhalation, making it easier for the patient to use the MDI correctly. aVHC proprietary valve baffle design increases aerosol suspension time to assist dose assurance of metered dose inhaler medication. AeroChamber Plus Z STAT also reduces drug deposition to the mouth and throat, helping to eliminate unpleasant taste of medication or hoarseness.

Is this product the right fit for you?

  • Largest of the AeroChamber Masks (79750z, 78710z, & 88710z), intended for adults
  • Durable holding chamber made of a unique, flexible, shatterproof plastic
  • Attractive design
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, phthalates, lead, or PVC
  • Designed to respond to shallow or low volume breathing patterns, the extra-sensitive inhalation valve on the AeroChamber Plus Z STAT aVHC makes it easier for patients to inhale the medication

Whyshould you purchase the Large AeroChamber Plus and will it work effectively?

The need to deliver medication directly to your lungs is not only contained to the elderly or for young children with respiratory complications. Everyone, patients of all ages, can suffer from respiratory ailments and obstacles. These inhaler chambers ensure that you are getting medication into your lungs quickly and simply. This product is great for maintaining long-term asthma and allergies, easy to clean and use, and delivers 22% more medication than theoriginal AeroChamber. Please note that this product is in the largest of all of the AeroChamber ComfortSeal Masks and is intended for adult usage.