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McKesson General Purpose Syringe - Luer Lock Tip Without Safety

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Volume: 3 mL
Graduation: 0.5 mL increments
Packaging: Box of 100

This McKesson syringe features a 3 cc capacity with 0.5 mL graduations and a Luer Lock tip. Its superb plunger slide characteristics make for easy and accurate dosing of fluids, while the transparent barrel and precise graduations ensure exact dosing. The secure backstop prevents accidental plunger withdrawal, and the double-seal stopper helps prevent medication leakage. Additionally, the large, stable finger grips and bold scale markings provide stability and precision. This syringe is sterile and single-use only, and is non-toxic and non-pyrogenic, making it safe for all users, including those with latex allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What are the key features of the McKesson syringe?

It has a 3 cc capacity with 0.5 mL graduations, a Luer Lock tip, and superb plunger slide characteristics for easy and accurate dosing.

2) How does the McKesson syringe ensure precise dosing?

Its transparent barrel and precise graduations, along with a secure backstop and double-seal stopper, ensure exact dosing and prevent medication leakage.

3) Is the McKesson syringe suitable for users with latex allergies?

Yes, it's non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, and safe for all users, including those with latex allergies, making it a versatile and inclusive option.

4) Can the McKesson syringe be reused?

No, it's sterile and designed for single-use only, ensuring safety and hygiene for medical procedures.