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Free Shipping on Orders over $35

FitRight Bladder Control Pads

by Medline
Original price $48.40 - Original price $83.24
Original price
$48.40 - $83.24
Current price $51.94
Package: Case of 120
Type: Regular
Absorbancy: Maximum

Discover FitRight Bladder Control Pads, designed to provide maximum protection with a discreet contoured design and fabric-like waterproof back sheet. Unlock superior comfort and security with an absorbent core to lock in moisture and odor and an adhesive strip to keep the pad firmly in place. Enjoy a worry-free day knowing that every pad is individually wrapped for discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How do FitRight Bladder Control Pads ensure maximum protection, and what sets them apart with their discreet contoured design?

They are designed for maximum protection with a discreet contoured design. Understanding how this design contributes to discretion and effectiveness in providing protection offers insights into the unique features that set these pads apart in terms of both comfort and security.

2) What features contribute to the superior comfort and security of these pads?

FitRight Bladder Control Pads offer superior comfort and security through an absorbent core that locks in moisture and odor.

3) Why is the individual wrapping of each FitRight Bladder Control Pad significant for users?

FitRight Bladder Control Pads are individually wrapped, ensuring discretion for users. It adds an extra layer of discretion for those who prioritize privacy and worry-free use throughout the day.