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Free shipping on purchases of $49 or more.

Soothe & Cool Moisture Guard

by Medline
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Volume: 3.5 Oz
Packaging: Each

Apply the petrolatum-barrier effortlessly! Enjoy long-lasting protection from moisture with 3.88% Zinc Oxide in Soothe & Cool Moisture Guard! Stay comfortable and dry with this easy-to-apply barrier that works hard to keep your skin safe and healthy. Zinc oxide shields your skin from moisture and the elements, so you can enjoy your day without worry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What makes Soothe & Cool Moisture Guard effective for long-lasting moisture protection?

It contains 3.88% Zinc Oxide, forming a petrolatum barrier that shields the skin from moisture, ensuring lasting protection.

2) How does the easy application of Soothe & Cool Moisture Guard contribute to comfort?

The barrier is effortlessly applied, providing a comfortable and dry experience, effectively keeping the skin safe and healthy.

3) What role does Zinc Oxide play in protecting the skin with Soothe & Cool Moisture Guard?

Zinc Oxide acts as a shield, protecting the skin from moisture and the elements, allowing you to enjoy your day worry-free.